PlayspaceVR is creating the next generation of graphic storytelling by bringing comic books to VR!¬†We’re working to become the premier platform to experience, create, and share VR comics!

VR represents a creative revolution. Humans have always told stories with words and pictures. We are using VR to pioneer a new, exciting graphic storytelling form and have domain expertise in VR/AR, media/entertainment, intense work ethic, and a true love for what we do.

Our Team

Jason Ross: CEO of PlayspaceVR. He is a huge nerd who has worked in a number of roles/industries including non-profits, branding/marketing, and IT. More importantly, he is obsessed with technology’s ability to generate creativity. For PlayspaceVR, he brings experience in the media/entertainment industry to the table alongside a deep love of comic books (fun fact: he owns the 100th issue of Spider-Man). This is his opportunity to combine all of his interests in a new, insanely cool way! He is incredibly excited to work hard and lead PlayspaceVR into the future!

Paul Christian: CTO of PlayspaceVR. He is also a huge nerd with years of development experience under his belt. He is completely fascinated by VR, what it can do, and develops VR projects in his spare time. This is a guy who made his own VR Data Glove with haptic feedback (http://meta-meta.github.io/GlovePresenta#/)! He consistently goes the extra mile. For PlayspaceVR, he brings a multitude of development experience to the table alongside a desire to use VR to transform storytelling.